Make Yourself Useful

Promenade, Starbase 27

Lieutenant Tymon Wrex stood at the railing looking over the promenade. He had been on the station for a short duration between assignments. The Reliant wasn’t due to report to Starbase 27 for a fortnight.

“We aren’t built to wait,’ a familiar voice of the eleventh Wrex host spoke, “I know I’ve only been a part with you for four years, young man but I’ve known you since you came aboard the Armorica and here we are, in an Terran saying ‘attached at the waist’.

The Lieutenant looked over where his brain outputted her to be with her leaning back against the railing. His grandfather had warned him prior to joining with someone he was familiar with beforehand that he would see her construct unlike the previous hosts mostly due to them being close, “I know.” 

I’m not sure that you do,” Gracja replied coyly. 

Fine,” Tymon replied in his thoughts. “I’ll volunteer to be useful here on the station.” 

Great! Make yourself useful!” Gracja exclaimed and then she was gone.

Hate it when she does that,” Tymon mumbled and tapped his combadge, “+Lieutenant Wrex to Ops.+” 


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    Operations, Starbase 27

    Lieutenant Tymon Wrex stepped out of the office. He had been debriefed that he was to take the Arrow-class runabout USS Bonaventure and rendezvous with the convoy under the command of Captain Felrak Vordenna, the Commanding Officer of the USS Ahwahnee. The convoy was presently enroute to Merionia Cluster.

    Wrex looked over the data padd that contained information pertaining to his assignment and the convoy. He would be in command of a crew complement of twenty crew. Five officers and fifteen enlisted crewmates. He took in a deep breath before pressing the call button. 

    He looked over the crew complement: 


    • JORAB - Lieutenant JG - Operations Officer 
    • CORCORAN, Diana - Lieutenant JG - Medical Officer
    • BROMLEY, Clancy - Ensign - Helms Officer
    • GONZALES, Timothy - Ensign - Security/Tactical Officer
    • SEDEK - Ensign - Engineering Officer

    The turbolift door opened, Wrex stepped aside to allow the passengers to step onto the deck. He stepped onto it and ordered, “Hangar 2.” He looked back down at the PADD to study his crew’s roster


    • CHU, Xypeni -  Chief Petty Officer -  Boatswain
    • GEVR - Chief Petty Officer - Senior Master-At-Arms
    • ANDERSON, Charles - Petty Officer 1st Class - Corpsman
    • HICKS, Daniel - Petty Officer 2nd Class - Corpsman
    • BEVERLY, Nicholas - Petty Officer 3rd Class - Service Technician
    • SCHISLER, Terry - Petty Officer 3rd Class - Master-At-Arms

    “-So we’ve got our first command,” Gracja’s voice in his subconscious re-emerged to the forefront.

    I’ve got my first command,” Tymon emphasized with his individuality. 

    I don’t think the others and I feel that way,” Gracja continued, “you keep forgetting that you are very much part of us, and we are of you. Are you sure you remember your training at the Symbiosis Commission? Because the others and I aren’t entirely sure you know how this all works.”  

    Tymon heard the Turbolift door open and looked up from his PADD to see if he reached his destination. 

    An officer stepped onto the Turbolift, “Good morning.” 

    “Morning,” Tymon responded. He nodded to Gracja’s projection in the Turbolift as she disappeared.

     “I don’t forget my training,” Wrex thought and then said out loud, “I won’t.” 

    “Pardon?” The officer looked over to him.

    “Sorry,” Wrex replied. 

    “Not a problem,” the officer answered. The door opened and they stepped off. The door closed and then the Turbolift resumed on course to his destination uninterrupted. 

    He stepped off the Turbolift and walked down the corridor to the entrance to the hangar where the Bonaventure was awaiting for him. 

    Runabout Hangar 2, Starbase 27

    Master-At-Arms Petty Officer 3rd Class Terry Schisler stepped towards Lieutenant Wrex and held out his hand, “Do you have clearance to be here, Lieutenant?”

    “I’m Lieutenant Wrex,” Tymon switched over to the screen on his PADD with his orders from the admiralty. He passed it over to the Petty Officer.

    “Apologies, sir.” The Petty Officer Terry Shisler handed him back the PADD. “We’re just over on pad three. Flight Deck crews are just doing their last run of pre-flight checks for us before we’re on the move.” 

    “Thank you.” 

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