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All activity on these forums must abide by the following rules. Please contact the Lore Office if you have questions.

  1. All activity on these forums should remain in compliance with the Bravo Fleet Charter and Bravo Fleet Policies.
  2. These forums are for written fiction, not general discussion. Please use the Bravo Fleet Discord for community chat. Any exceptions will be set up at the discretion of the Forum Admins and made explicitly clear.
  3. Please post your fiction in the appropriate areas. Cadets should post in Starbase Bravo. Junior Officers should post in the Headquarters of their Task Force. Lieutenant Commanders and above may post in the Headquarters of their Task Force and may create one forum thread in their Task Force's section for their starship.
  4. Do not post in another member's thread without permission. If you welcome participation of other members in your story thread, please make it clear! Threads in a Task Force HQ section that involve collaboration will be clearly labelled.
  5. Bravo Fleet uses the RPG Rating system. The default rating for content on this forums is 1-1-1. All official fiction from Task Force Staff and the Lore Office must remain rated 1-1-1. Any main Task Force HQ threads for participation by any TF member must remain 1-1-1. A member may write stories of a higher rating, but this rating must be made clear at the beginning of the thread. No story on these forums may be rated higher than 2-2-2.
  6. Your thread may include images; please keep them appropriate in accordance to the rating, and credit where necessary.
  7. The forums are not for advertising; please use links sparingly and appropriately, and in compliance with the rating system.
  8. While we welcome creativity, this forum's primary purpose is for fiction related to the characters of Bravo Fleet in 2399. If you have an idea for a story not connected to your Bravo Fleet primary character or their ship and its adventures, please contact the Lore Office for guidance.
  9. If you are interested in writing a fiction set in a different era of Bravo Fleet history, please contact the Operations Office.
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